Star Wars (Episode 11)

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

This week’s Imagineer Podcast episode explores the entire Star Wars saga, including Episodes I-VIII (Phantom Menace through The Last Jedi) and Rogue One. We discuss our favorite movies (spoiler alert: The Empire Strikes Back is high on all of our lists), favorite jedi, favorite sith, favorite battles and more.

For the first time, this podcast episode was recorded in concurrence with an Instagram Live discussion where fans had the chance to contribute their comments and questions to the podcast discussion. Special thanks to @wisheswithkate, @gopinpro, and @johncfss (John and Ann Marie Corigliano of the Central Florida Sights and Sounds Podcast) for their active participation throughout the episode. Be sure to follow these Disney fans on Instagram and beyond!

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