This two-hour tour includes in-depth analysis and history of Main Street USA at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. In this entertaining and informative tour, we discuss the history of Walt Disney World and the Magic Kingdom, the design of Main Street USA, hidden details you might not have noticed in the parks, and the stories of the people who helped develop the parks, including Walt Disney, Roy O. Disney, John Hench, Roger Broggie, Ub Iwerks, Mary Blair, and many more.

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What’s included in the tour:

History of the Magic Kingdom

History of Walt Disney World

Windows along Main Street USA

Main Street USA attraction history

Hidden details in Main Street USA

Design and development of Main Street USA

Significant Imagineers who built Main Street USA

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Tour Credits:

Written, produced and narrated by Matthew Krul. Imagineer Tours is in no way endorsed by or affiliated with Walt Disney Imagineering or The Walt Disney Company, nor any of their subsidiaries.


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  • If The Light Fades (Birds of Norway)
  • Look! Over There! (Hale)
  • Magic (Four Trees)
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  • Wesley Swing (Titus)
  • What a Gal (The Night Train)
  • Wonder Waltz (Birds of Norway)

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