WDI continues Walt’s Dream with the Living Character Initiative

Many ponder over what the thoughts of Walt Disney would be if he could look at Disney Parks now. Would he be upset at how things were being run? Would he marvel at how much it had grown? What would he change? What would he love? I believe with utmost certainty that Walt would beContinue reading “WDI continues Walt’s Dream with the Living Character Initiative”

65 Years Of Flights Over Fantasyland

Disney Parks are filled with some of the most well-known iconography to ever exist: The gleaming towers of a princess’s castle, distant peaks of a thrilling mountain, or a futuristic train on a highway in the sky. And all of these larger than life experiences are not only synonymous, but expected, with a visit toContinue reading “65 Years Of Flights Over Fantasyland”

Why do we love the Haunted Mansion?

August 9th means another year older for the Haunted Mansion, the somewhat miracle attraction at the corner of New Orleans Square. And with each passing year, the stately manor becomes more and more popular with newer generations.  The Mansion is a perfect storm of sequences that all came together to create one of the mostContinue reading “Why do we love the Haunted Mansion?”