Baby’s Disney Trip (Packing Essentials)

Our family just returned from our first trip to Walt Disney World with our baby girl, who was only 7.5 months old at the time. It was without a doubt the happiest, most magical trip we’ve ever taken to Disney, but it also required some additional steps in planning, packing and preparation. I’ve received so many questions about what we packed for our trip and wanted to provide a one-stop shop with our recommendations. Here are our top packing suggestions.

Disclaimers: (1) As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. (2) Kingdom Strollers provided a #sponsored rental for our vacation.

Kingdom Strollers

Rain or shine, Kingdom Strollers (affiliate link) proved to be a wonderful way to transport Maggie around the Disney Parks. Providing resort pick-up and drop-off at no extra charge, Kingdom Strollers offers your own dedicated stroller for the entire length of your vacation at a very affordable rate. We scheduled a drop-off time at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort on our arrival day, and the driver was extremely prompt, passing along a cleaned/sanitized stroller with our own name tag. We brought the stroller to every Disney Park with us and added on a rain pouch that came in handy every day of our vacation (it will rain in Florida, especially in the summer). Arranging pick-up was incredibly simple as well. We also loved that we didn’t have to bring our own stroller from home as we didn’t want it to get dirty, damaged, or lost.

Rechargeable Stroller Fan

As an add-on to our stroller, we purchased and brought our own stroller fan (Amazon affiliate link), which we charged nightly and lasted us the whole day at the parks (we made sure only to keep it powered on while our daughter was in the stroller for optimal battery usage).

Sunveno Hip Carrier

One of the best items we brought to Disney that got a tremendous amount of use was our Sunveno Carrier (Amazon affiliate link). This was the perfect companion to our stroller. Whenever we needed to park the stroller at an attraction, we’d transfer our baby to the Sunveno carrier as we walked her around the queue or brought her into a show. It was also perfect for Disney dining reservations. There were times when we’d leave the stroller in our Disney Resort and just bring the baby carrier to breakfast or dinner with us.

Inflatable Bath Tub

Staying at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort in Gran Destino Tower, we knew that we wouldn’t have a full tub to bathe our baby. To pack lightly, we ended up purchasing an inflatable tub (Amazon affiliate link). This was extremely easy to pack in our bag (it bundles up tightly). When we arrived at our Disney Resort, we inflated the tub manually and placed it in our shower. With each baby bath we’d fill the tub with warm water, bathe our daughter, and then empty the water from the tub. When it came time to pack up the tub again, we deflated it, bunched it up and put it back in our suitcase.

Diaper Bag Backpack

When we visit Walt Disney World, we tend to bring at least one backpack to the parks. For this trip, we traded in our usual backpack for our favorite diaper bag from Carter’s (not an affiliate link). This backpack provided plenty of storage for our baby’s needs plus our own travel essentials.

Baby Spoons

Silicone baby spoons really came in handy on this vacation. They were easy to clean and to pack in our bag. Whenever we dined at a restaurant, we’d place our baby in a high chair and order her a side of mashed vegetables, macaroni and cheese, or mashed potatoes and hand her a baby spoon. Her favorite is the Minnie Mouse silicone spoon shown below, along with extra Minnie Mouse spoons (both are Amazon affiliate links).

White Noise Machine

Our baby sleeps with white noise, so we made sure to pack our own as well. The Hatch Rest machine (Amazon affiliate link) remains our favorite at home and on the go. You can adjust the amount of light and sound emitted from the machine, change the colors of the lights and the sounds played, and control everything remotely from the Hatch app.


This is something we always bring to Disney, especially in the summer, even when we were just traveling as adults without an infant. Bringing portable umbrellas proved to be handy once again on this vacation, protecting us from both rain and the strong rays of the sun.

Baby Sunscreen

Especially with our baby being so young, we wanted to make sure to keep her protected from the sun with baby-appropriate sunscreen. We chose Babyganics sunscreen (Amazon affiliate link) and she didn’t even burn once on this vacation (part of this was also us making sure to keep her indoors and in the shade ,and to use the stroller canopy as much as possible).

Swim Diapers

This was our daughter’s first time in the pool, and we wanted to make sure to have the appropriate gear. Aside from a swimsuit (with enough covering to keep her protected from the sun), we also purchased swim diapers for the pool (Amazon affiliate link). These really came in handy on our pool day.

Other Essentials

Of course this really just scratches the surface. We packed a number of items for our baby’s trip to Disney. Aside from clothing and diaper essentials, here’s what else we packed:

  • Blankets for laying out
  • Sleep sacks
  • Hats
  • Plastic bags 
  • Extra clothes 
  • Baby shampoo
  • Spit up blankets
  • Bibs
  • Rattle/Stroller toy
  • Pacifiers with clothes hooks
  • Baby Advil (ask your doctor)
  • Autograph book

If you’d like more advice about bringing a baby to Disney, be sure to check out our two-part podcast episode (air dates September 10, 2022 and September 17, 2022). Subscribe to Imagineer Podcast on your favorite podcast app.

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