128. Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar (Disney Springs)

Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar opened at Disney Springs in September 2015 just prior to the formal renaming of this part of Walt Disney World from Downtown Disney. This Indiana Jones themed bar is the only  one of its kind in the world, and it’s loaded with Easter eggs from Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom, The Last Crusade, and even Indiana Jones Adventure. The backstory of this restaurant focuses on Indy’s friend and pilot, Jock Lindsey, who was featured in the first Indiana Jones film. Whether you visit this dining location for the food, drinks, or atmosphere, it’s worth putting on your checklist for a future Disney vacation. 

In this podcast episode, I chat with Theron Skees, the lead Imagineer for Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar and Disney Springs, about this part of Walt Disney World (live on location). We discuss the location’s backstory and many details, plus the food and connection to the rest of Disney Springs. Be sure to learn more about Theron and follow him online by visiting his website

What’s your favorite detail, food or beverage at Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar?

[Intro music plays Matt in and continues to play under him]

Matt: Hello and welcome to the Imagineer Podcast, your unofficial guide to all things Disney. I’m your host Matthew Krul, and you’re listening to episode 128 of the Imagineer Podcast. In today’s podcast episode we’re going to discuss one of the most popular lounges at Walt Disney World, which is Jock Lindsay’s Hangar Bar over at the Landing in Disney Springs. Jock Lindsey’s opened on September 22, 2015, just about a week before Downtown Disney was officially renamed to Disney Springs, and over the last six years that it has existed it’s remained one of the most popular places to enjoy a beverage or a snack over at Disney Springs, and it’s become a kind of destination at Walt Disney World because it is an Inidana Jones themed bar, so there are so many EAster Eggs, there are so many details and the story of Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar is one that attracts Indiana jones fans and Disney fans and it truly is, if you haven’t been there before, such a fun place to sit back and relax and as I mentioned before enjoy a beverage or a snack. There are so many incredible things to eat and to drink at Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar, and if you haven’t had the chance to go and visit I definitely recommend on a future trip to Walt Disney World whether you take a day at Disney Springs, or just an evening or an afternoon to enjoy a quick hour or so at Jock Lindsey’s you certainly will not be disappointed. 

My special guest for this episode is Imagineer Theron Skees, he’s been on the show before. He was the lead Imagineer for Disney Springs, and the lead Imagineer for Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar. So he has so many incredible stories to share and details about this location at Disney World, and to make this episode a little extra special when I was over at Destination D23 in Walt Disney World back in November of 2021 I had the chance to meet up with Theron at Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar in-person. We enjoyed a meal together, eating a couple of the incredible appetizers at Jock Lindsey’s and a couple of beverages and then headed outside and did an InstagramLive, which you can go back and watch on Instagram, at instrgam.com//imagineerpodcast. You can watch our full IGTV, our full discussion about Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar but I also wanted to turn it into a podcast episode that you can go back and enjoy at any point that you want to listen to the show. So I’m going to play this very special, in-person live discussion with Theron Skees about Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar, we’ll share some fun facts and information, Theron has a lot great details to share about Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar and of course chat about some of his favorite details at this location. 

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[Music fades out]

[Background noise begins, of Disney Springs on a busy day, families walking by and talking, music playing, occasional pops and other sporadic noise in the background while the cadence of voices and music is constant]

Matt: Hey everyone it’s Matt from Imagineer Podcast with Imagineer Theron Skees.

Theron: Hi everybody

Matt: He’s been on the InstagramLive with us a few times, he’s done the podcast, a few podcast episodes. We’re here at Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar, as you can see, which was, well, one of Theron’s main creations while working at Walt Disney Imagineering. So I thought we would take a few minutes, I forgot my selfie-stick, so – 

Theron: [Laughs]

Matt: – I’m not going to be able, my arm’s eventually going to get tired, we’re going to do maybe 20 30 minutes but would love to see what questions you all have about Jock Lindsay’s Hangar Bar. If there’s ever a time to ask this is the guy to ask. We were inside, he showed me a few pictures, he’s in a few photos – 

Theron: [Laughs]

Matt: I’m gonna share them later, so see if you can spot them in a future visit to Jock Lindsey’s. But let’s get started, I think a lot of people know you by now Theron, for being on the show before, so we’ll skip the introduction. 

Theron: Perfect

Matt: Talk to us a little bit about the backstory of Jock Lindsey’s

Theron: Certainly, well I have to say this is one of my favorite projects. People ask me all the time, ‘what is your favorite project?’ and it’s so difficult to say, but this is definitely one of them we had such an amazing team that put this all together, and how many times in your career could you say you worked on an Indiana Jones location in the world, especially the only Indiana Jones themed bar in the world, so super excited to be able to do that. Well you know when we thought about Disney Springs, and we did a podcast about Disney Springs – 

Matt: We did –

Theron I kind of – 

Matt: – it will be out tomorrow by the way

Theron: Whoa

Matt: [Laughs}

Theron: Super cool, make sure you check that out. We kind of thought, you know a person like Jock Lindsey who kind of chauffeurs around all these incredible adventurers like Indy, and other adventurers, you know a place like Florida could be really a great spot. Very centrally located when you start thinking about pirate treasure in the Gulf of Mexico, we thought about Aztec gold, and the Inca civilizations in the Yucatan Peninsula, the Fountain of Youth in Florida itself, and of course the Bermuda Triangle. We thought that’s tons of reasons why Jock would have housed himself, set up a home here at Disney Springs, you know just fly a plane in, land it on Lake Buena Vista, and have a place. So this is kind of how our backstory of how Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar even came to be. It was literally just a functional hangar where you could run adventures, you could go deep sea diving looking for treasure, or into the jungles looking for the Fountain of Youth. And then of course the idea was when Jock actually passed away, that the folks who operated this space said well look we used to always come back from adventures and have a beer and talk about what we did, let’s just keep it open and eh, and that’s how we structured everything, the whole idea was that you’re just coming in and enjoying all the adventures of the past and that’s kind of what you see inside, is this cornucopia of adventure ideas, tons of hidden easter eggs, man we were sitting having a little bit of an appetizer inside and we’re just going through all the different easter eggs – 

Matt: So many

Theron: – Yeah I would challenge if you’re a fan, you gotta come check it out, and try to find everything 

Matt: So speaking of the backstory, which is a really cool backstory, the time period of this, so I know that we are you know, Disney Springs’ is modern, but Jock Lindsey’s is an old bar – 

Theron: Mm-hmm

Matt: – or an old hangar I should say, so what are some of the ways that you made sure this bar was time appropriate while also speaking to the fact that it’s aged since then?

Theron: Ha, absolutely, well the whole thing about Disney Springs, is it’s meant to be a town, as we’ve discussed, that kind of grew over time, so each of our neighborhoods, not lands, neighborhoods were set in a specific decade and right now we’re on the old Pleasure Island, which is called the Landing, and that actually was around the turn of the century, so 1900s-ish when this took place, and so that’s what we’re saying is in maybe the late-1900s is when Jock actually established this, 1910-1920, sorry early 1900s, where this was established, and in fact I was showing Matt a photo that we have inside right beside the bar which actually has characters from the Adventurer’s Club, because if you remember the Adventurer’s Club story from Pleasure Island lore, all of those characters took place around that same time frame,

Matt: That’s right. 

Theron: So we kind of were playing with this idea that maybe they were here together and so that the picture that we have near the bar was a whole day photo shoot that the project team did, where we brought in all of the talent, all of the performers from the original Adventurer’s Bar and we brought in an Indy performer from the Stunt Show, we hired an actor who looked like Jock Lindsey, and we did this really great set of photo shoots that kind of took place. But like all of Disney Springs, the architecture itself was meant to showcase a moment in time when it was built for a specific function but then it was literally lovingly restored and turned into something else and and that’s so true of every single building here and it’s the same with Jock Lindsey’s. 

Matt: It’s very cool, you’ve been pointing out the details of the ceiling, which you had mentioned was appropriate for hangar bars in th-

Theron: Yeah

Matt: – sorry, hangar bars, hangars, –

Theron: [Laughs}

Matt: – in that time period but something you wouldn’t as commonly find in hangars today, 

Theron: Yes

Matt: – so next time you’re here definitely check out the ceiling, cause it is so cool  

Theron: That’s right, if you’re a fan you can look this up, it’s called Lamella and it’s a very special type of a ceiling that was put together so you didn’t have to have columns that way you could put planes inside. So we represented that and there’s not many in the world, not many in the U.S. anyways, and certainly not many in Florida, so we do have a lot of architectural fans who will comes to Jock Lindsey’s and just photograph the ceiling as interesting as that sounds. 

Matt: Yeah

Theron: [laughs]

Matt: What are some of your favorite details that are – 

Theron: Ooh –

Matt: – Inside the hangar bar?

Theron: – Man favorite details, 

Matt: [Laughs and laughs again]

Theron: How much, how long do we have? Well one of the things we tried to do, when thinking through props, obviously this is a very prop heavy space, but you know if you just throw a bunch of props in there it’s not gonna make as much sense as if you organized them in a specific way. So we thought okay practically how would Jock have set this up so we think of, okay all of the underwater equipment is in one side, all of the mountaineering and sort of winder equipment is in another side, all of the planning, like maps, and star charts, and the compasses and sextons, and all that stuff, that’s all in one space, and the, and anything that has to do with repairing, wrenches and everything for the motors on the plane, all of that, was another spot, so we tried to organize it in that way, so that you could kind of take it, take it in that way. But another really super fun thing, I have to mention this, the actual actor who played Jock Lindsey in the Raiders film, he’s, his name is Fred, and he’s a real pilot, and uh a really cool story about Fred is that Steven Spielberrg actually hired Fred as a pilot when they were shooting the very first Jurassic, Jurassic Park film and uh that whole scene from Jurassic Park where it was a big hurricane –

Matt: Yes

Theron: – On Hawaii, that was a real hurricane, that was or a typhoon, was really happening so Fred actually flew the production team, Steven and the production team off of Hawaii, they were like one of the last flights out and it was actually Fred, it was Jock that did that so we thought – 

Matt: So cool

Theron: – that was so cool. So in the bar here we’ve actually done a, what looks like a Velociraptor claw and it’s in, in the props, and it’s just sort of a hommage to Fred and what he did 

Matt: That’s amazing

Theron: [Laughs]

Matt: That’s so cool, you know obviously people come here for food too and I know the food has theme to it, and even the coasters you were telling me – 

Theron: Yes

Matt: – have a special theme to it, so what sort of thought process went into the food and the drinks that you get here, and even something as small as the coasters?

Theron: Right, so everybody should know that a bunch of nerds put this together, right 

Matt: [Laughs]

Theron: So all of us are- 

Matt: That’s what we want.

Theron: complete fans, so every single aspect, even the napkins, remember I was showing you that the – 

Matt: Oh yeah that’s right

Theron: – the napkins you get are shop rags, they’re the red, at least what we get in here in the U.S., are like these red shop rags, so everything is themed. We worked with the Food and Beverage Team for, my goodness my team worked with them for probably almost four years, three years. On, even all of the individual ingredients the drinks, the actual food, everything is themed and we want, of course the food has to be of a great quality because it’s Disney

Matt: Of course

Theron: And the drinks have to be of a great quality. But everything has performance tied to it, I was telling Matt that certain drinks will get the, the bartender will gong a gong, and and certain parts within the bar are from certain films, I know I’m going off of food a little bit – 

Matt: No no, go ahead

Theron: But, we there, we sat in an area, of an like an old fuselage, it’s the side of a plane, and I was telling Matt that actually this plane, was the same type of plane in Temple of Doom do you remember when Indy jumped out in the life raft, we actually found that plane, the drawings of that plane, and we created a part of the fuselage in there. And then we’re standing outside, and the big sign right here that you can actually see, it has a wing on it that says Hangar Bar, well that wing is from that specific plane, the motor that’s outside is from Jock’s plane, so we tried to really make it very personalized and very specific, not just ot the film but also to Jock wherever we could.

Matt: That’s so cool

Theron: [Laughs]

Matt: So the, I forgot the question I was going to ask you, well actually someone, someone did ask a good question before, I think it was Stephen who asked, ‘do you get nostalgic when you come here?’

Theron: Yes, 100%. I have to say I walked in and they had completely decorated for Christmas 

Matt: Yup

Theron: Inside, which okay, kind of cool on the outside, no problem, but on the inside, I was a little bit like [gasp] my baby, you know [laughs] cause there was Christmas stuff everywhere, you couldn’t see all the cool props. But totally get nostalgic, such an amazing team that put this together any aspiring storytellers or themed designers you know you guys should all know this all takes a team nobody does this by themselves, and I had an amazing team of people that were equally as passionate and excited to work on this as me. And that’s the most fun is working together with a group of people that are so motivated to get the details right so that you could love it

Matt: Yeah, I want to see if there are any questions that came in, actually we have some in the questions stikere here

Theron: Oh cool

Matt: But, Theron while we’re looking for this, what is your ah, oh that’s from a different question, what is your favorite food item to get here – 

Theron: Oh food item

Matt: Or beverage to get here, alcoholic, non-alcoholic?

Theron: Wow, I would have to say that, and I mean this sincerely, is that everything is is is really good. I’m a little bit sad, I understand because of COVID, but I’m a little bit sad, that the actual menus not made, not being used it’s you know it’s the QR code that you photograph. But the actual menu is a pilot’s log, and all of the drinks and the dishes are really wonderfully painted and watercolor and everything was completely designed, in fact the, we had this thing called the Cool Headed Monkey as a drink, now anybody that knows anything about lore right, about Jock Lindsey’s lore is that’s chilled monkey brains from Temple of Doom.

Matt: Right

Theron: But we, Disney didn’t want us to call it – 

Matt and Theron in unison: Chilled Monkey Brains – 

Matt: Yeah 

Theron: – So we called it the Cool Headed Monkey –

Matt: [Laughs]

Theron: – But we actually created the actual vessel, the mug is all custom made, I think if you come here you’ll be blown away, you’ll want to spend way more time than they’ll want you to stay there to see this. I was telling Matt that on the outside of the building there’s a big wrap around porch on the back so you can look out over Lake Buena Vista, but one of the really cool features in outdoor dining is this, this little boat, that Jock used to use to kind of get around in the Springs and everything, and it’s in drydock so it’s it’s it’s up out of the water. And when Jock passed away they just continued to use it in that position and they filled it with tables and people can dine and everything in there and so there’s just so many unique little spots within Jock Lindsey’s where you can sit and enjoy but then also get even more information on the story. 

Matt: I remember one of the details I did want to talk about which is the music. So we were sitting in there, and of course, enjoying the music

Theron: [Laughs]

Matt: Which is, thankfully for a dining location where you do want to spend a lot of time, it’s a solid two hour music loop but I didn’t know, you have a personal connection to the music

Theron: [Chuckles]

Matt: So can you speak to the music – 

Theron: Sure –

Matt: – that’s in Jock Lindsey’s?

Theron: It’s funny I mentioned to Matt as we were sitting in there, eating the brussel sprouts, which were amazing – 

Matt: So good

Theron: – Don’t forget your greens – 

Matt: [Laughs]

Theron: Was that I said, most of this music came from my personal playlist, and it just kind of worked out. I love the sort of chill vibe music, there was some music in there that felt kind of retro and spy kind of like, and I just thought it felt, it fit perfectly for Jock Lindsey’s, so I put together a demo track and we brought it to the senior executive team and everybody loved it, so it was just one of those moments where your personal taste [laughs] actually ended up fitting the bill right? That doesn’t happen always.

Matt: No, no

Theron: [Laughs]

Matt: Actually you shared a pretty cool fact with me, I think off the podcast, that had to do with the music, that we’re, well this is the holiday version, but the music in Disney Springs, you developed a different daytime loop, then a nighttime loop, 

Theron: Yeah

Matt: So how did you think about the music that should be in a place like Disney Springs during the day versus at night, how’d you think about – 

Theron: So true

Matt: – That process?

Theron: Well first we should say that you know that when you’re, whenever you create an experience, an environment like this, there’s a, it’s real handy to know there’s five senses right, that the human being, human body builds memory based on so when we create an environment we try to leverage all five of those sense whereever possible and audio, music, is one of those things that really underlines, or highlights that experience. And what we supposed as a team was, that the guests that would come to Disney Springs during the day is a different guest then who comes at night. If you come at night typically you’re here for dining, a cocktail, an event, a you know, a performance, something like that, a Cirque show, so we decided to sort of create a signature audio moment that underscores the motivation for why you would come during that time period. So during the day the music is a little bit faster paced, because you’re kind of walking in between shopping and grabbing your souvenirs before you fly home so it’s same kind of music, that sort of chill vibe music and each neighborhood has its own music in the same style. So for example Town Center is Mediterranean Revival or Spanish Revival style architecture, so you’ll find more Latin vibes in there, you know, you know sambas, that kind of thing, flamenco type guitars that you would feel in there, but it’s a little bit faster pace, at night it calms a little bit more and it’s much more of a kind of a chill out vibe, so next time you come check it out. But one thing I’ll say about music – 

Matt: Yes

Theron: – that I really want to encourage your audience, is, if you come you have to go to the Disney Village and listen to the music there, why? Because we couldn’t find Disney music in this style, nobody’d ever recorded it in this sort of chill vibe.

Matt: Right

Theron: So we actually hired composers to custom make all of the music in the Disney Village. So it’s all Disney music, but it’s done in this very cool modern sort of chill vibe way because the Disney Village is the place where we have all the Disney products you can really kind of find there. 

Matt: That’s so cool, I did not realize that – 

Theron: [Laughs] 

Matt: – I’ll have to – 

Theron: Now I know, now you’re going there right?

Matt: – I’m, I’m, I know exactly where I’m going next, I’m gonna go shopping in the Marketplace and hear all the music that’s there. So I guess are there any other interesting facts or details you wanted to share about Jock Lindsey’s, that we haven’t talked about or anything that would be very interesting to those who are watching, and listening?

Theron: Wow, well I would say that if you if you, come here, come with your eyes wide open. If you’re an indiana Jones fan, literally this is the only Indiana Jones themed bar in the world, there’s quite a wait to get in, especially now during the holidays

Matt: Yes

Theron: But if you take a moment to walk around and really look, there’s some seriously cool details there. I think you could come back multiple times and see different details. One thing I would point out is the map behind the bar is meant to be this sort of homage to all of the different adventures that took place, not just with Indy, but we wanted to this story firmly in a modern age, so that Indy knew Amelia Earhart, Indy knew Sir Thomas Mallory who climbed you know Everest and I mean that’s, we kind of wanted all of that to exist in the same time period, so you’ll see Polaroid shots of these, candid shots of these individuals as if they were all hanging out together and it was a community of adventurers who were looking for things, Indy just happened to stumble into more paranormal – 

Matt: [Laughs]

Theron: – Adventures then the others did, and that was kind of his speciality. So our team just lovingly encapsulated so much story, so many interesting easter eggs for you to find, and it’s our joy to present this to all of you and and we just welcome you to come and check it out. And if you’re a fan I mean this is, this is the place you gotta visit 

Matt: Love it, rapid fire question last one before we wrap up here, your favorite Indiaian Jones movie?

Theron: Favorite Indiana Jones movie is Last Crusade – 

Matt: Solid pick

Theron: – I love Sean Connery, I love the interplay between them as as actors as father and son, I love the fact that it went back in time and River Phoenix, who’s no longer with us –

Matt: Yeah

Theron: – Was sort of embodied as such a fantastic role of, as a young Indiana Jones, I love, that was probably my favorite. I think all of us Indiana Jones fans want to forget about Crystal Skull – 

Matt: [Laughs]

Theron: – And we’re really hoping that Episode – 

Matt: Five yeah

Theron: Five is gonna be something amazing [laughs]

Matt: Well at least Harrison Ford’s back –

Theron: [Laughs]

Matt: – It’ll be, it’ll be

Theron: Yeah

Matt: Fingers crossed with Disney back in control of everything, it’ll – 

Theron: Totally

Matt: – be in good hands. Well this was so much fun Theron, thanks for joining –

Theorn: Yeah thank you 

Matt: – thanks for watching, and be sure to check out of course Theron’s Instagram page, website, you know all know where the places to go and find it and if you’re watching InstagramLive now, tomorrow our episode together about Disney Springs, which is a really amazing episode – 

Theron: Yeah check that out

Matt: – Please do if you have already an appreciation for Disney Springs, it will increase it ten fold

Theron: [Laughs]

Matt: So many things I learned, Theron and his team did, put so much work into Disney Springs, I walk through here now everytime

Theron: [Laughs]

Matt: With a new set of eyes, so it’s really worth listening to but, Theron thanks for being here

Theron: Absolutely

Matt: All of you have a great rest of your evening

Theron: Thanks for dialing in

Matt: Bye everyone 

[Music plays and continues to play softly under Matt]

Matt: And with that we close out episode 128 of the Imagineer Podcast, I hope you enjoyed this discussion live from Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar with the lead Imagineer who designed this location, Theron Skees, about this location. I had such a blast dining with Theron at the place that he helped to develop and chatting with him afterwards about some of his favorite details and a little bit more about the backstory of this location. If you haven’t had a chance yet, I definitely recommend going back and listening to our podcast episode back from November of 2021 all about Disney Springs. I sat down with Theron, virtually this time, and we spoke about all the details of Disney Springs, well not all the details but a lot of great information about Disney Springs so if you want a little bit more of a holistic perspective about this part of Walt Disney World, which by the way, has so much incredible detail, and such a great backstory, that I, after listening to Theron grew such a great appreciation for this part of Walt Disney World, I would encourage you to go back again from an episode in November of 2021 of Imagineer Podcast where you can listen to our discussion of Disney Springs. 

I of course want to turn this conversation over to you and hear what your favorite detail, or perhaps your favorite snack item or beverage, is at Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar. You can send me your answers and feedback as always in so many different ways, you can reach out on social media. I would encourage you to follow Imagineer Podcast on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn at ImagineerPodcast. You can leave your answers there in a post, by tagging us, or simply reach out to me in a direct message. You can also follow Imagineer Podcast on Twitter at ImagineerNews and if you’d like to chat about this subject and all other things Disney with me and with other listeners of this community, I would encourage you to join our Facebook Group, which is the ImagiNation, also call the Imagineer Podcast Disney Fan Community, to again chat about this subject and all subjects related to all things Disney. You can also send me an email at matt@imagineerpodcast.com, and Matt is spelled with two T’s, so it’s M-A-T-T at imagineerpodcast.com, if you don’t already subscribe to the show, make sure to click that subscribe or follow button whether you’re listening on Apple Podcast, Spotify, I Heart Media, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, Podbean, Stitcher, or any other podcast app, that’ll ensure that you are the first to know when new podcast episodes become available. And if you have a minute or two to leave us a rating and a review in Apple Podcasts that does a lot to help this community out because it increases our relevance when it comes to anyone searching for a Disney related podcast and for anyone who discovers the show it lets them know what they can expect, and of course you can always leave your recommendations for a great episode to start with or anything else you want to share about the podcast. I do read each and every review that I get, and I am so grateful to the over 600 of you who have left us a five-star rating in Apple Podcasts before. 

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[Music swells and plays for 30 seconds before cutting out]

[Plane engine noise and dramatic music in the background]

Indiana Jones: [screaming] There’s a big snake in the plane Jock!

Jock Lindsey: Oh that’s just my pet snake Reggie

Indiana Jones: [screaming still] I hate snakes Jock, I hate ‘em

Jock Lindsey: Come on, show a little background will ya?

[Indiana Jones theme plays out]

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