Turn Your Hobby Into Your Business on Instagram

Learn how to build a trusted brand on Instagram. I’ll show you exactly how I turned my hobby into my business using this platform and leave you with simple practices you can implement right away whether you’re new to Social Media or an experienced creator looking to level up your brand.

Wednesday, April 19 | 8:00PM EDT

Creating a successful business on Social Media isn’t about having the most followers. In fact, over-emphasizing your follower count can produce the opposite effect, creating a large but disengaged audience that can actually limit your brand’s potential.

The key to success on Social Media is all about building an engaged community of brand enthusiasts who have come to trust and admire your brand, and it can all be done while remaining true to who you are. I’ve done it before, and I want to help you find the same success. It’s not only the best way to build a brand… it can also be personally fulfilling (it has been for me)!

Expected Learnings:

  • Build a following on Instagram focused on your brand identity.
  • Engage your audience on Instagram in meaningful ways.
  • Clearly define your brand and communicate it through Instagram.
  • Utilize various Instagram features for your business.
  • Nurture leads for your business on Instagram.
  • Develop your own Instagram strategy.
  • Turn your hobby into your business on Instagram.

About Your Host (Matthew Krul):

  • Imagination Skyway: 115K followers, 1.7 million podcast downloads, record 12 million views in a single video.
  • Director, Digital Marketing: 15 years experience including Social Media, Paid Media, Influencer Marketing, Product Marketing, and beyond.
  • Education:
    • Harvard Business School Online (Business Analytics Certificate)
    • Fordham University (MBA, Marketing & Finance dual-degree)

Registration Info:

Spaces are limited.

Registration fee: $79.

All registrants will receive a copy of the recording in case they cannot attend live.

Save 25% when you enroll by March 31.

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