Creator Workshops

Standing out in a crowded marketplace requires equal parts strategy, analysis, and creative thinking. With our Creator Workshops, you’ll learn how Imagineer Podcast grew to 500,000 podcast downloads and 170,000 followers in a span of 3 years. You’ll also learn how to apply the latest social media marketing strategies to your shop, business, or brand.

Creator Workshops are on demand and are listed below.

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How to Start & Grow a Podcast

There are currently 1,000,000 podcasts in existence. To truly stand out as a podcaster, you must learn how to navigate this competitive environment. In this workshop, we’ll discuss how to start a successful podcast, engage listeners, grow your audience, and convert listeners into customers. We’ll also discuss the tools to make your life as a podcaster easier.

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How to Master Instagram

Growing a brand on Instagram has become more challenging in recent years. The platform’s algorithm has followed in the footsteps of Facebook in making it more difficult for brands to reach their followers. In this workshop, we’ll discuss how to reach and engage your Instagram audience and grow your following in ways that align with a larger brand strategy.

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How to Conquer TikTok

TikTok is unlike any other social media platform. Its simple algorithm prioritizes content over user, making it possible for anyone to make a post go viral. While there are certainly some challenges to this platform (especially in 2020), there are also a number of advantages to building your brand here. This workshop will cover how TikTok works and how to create a successful strategy.

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About the Host

Matthew Krul is the founder and host of Imagineer Podcast, which boasts over 500,000 downloads and 170,000 followers across Social Media. With a combined 10 years of marketing experience, both in a corporate and entrepreneurial capacity, Matt specializes in digital and social media marketing and has supported global brands including from The Walt Disney Company to Kaplan Inc. Matt also operates his own Marketing firm, Timekeeper Marketing LLC, which helps businesses build and manage Digital Marketing and Social Media strategies.

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